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40-49 years
Reviewed: 2 months ago (17/06/2020)
Date of experience: 06/2020

Waardeloos. We wachten al 9 weken op onze refund van €1400.00. Ze laten niets weten en ik heb al zeker €50.00 gespendeerd aan telefoontjes naar het hotel. Ik boek hier nooooit geen groepen meer. Ik heb zeker begrip voor de situatie, maar 9 weken???! Komt op, doe die terugbetaling eens.

By Lena Schell
30-39 years
Reviewed: 1 year ago (05/08/2019)
Date of experience: 08/2019

I booked a double room with a queen size bed ( it was even shown on the pictures like that) BUT when I checked in the turkish guy said it would costs extra and there only have one left. he made me almost scroll on the floor to actually get what I already paid for?!! He even called his boss to ask for permission to give me my double bed?!

after 20 min unnecessary discussions he finally said yes and started the check In process. During all the time I was more friendly then I should have..!

I said thank you and asked for an mobile van since they don’t offer air conditioning. I saw two unused fans at the reception. He said they don’t have any left and refused to give me one of the two next to him.

I couldn’t believe the attitude.
Then while trying to reach my room, I surprisingly saw bid stairs at the floor on the way to my room. I had a huge heavy suitcase which the guy definitely recognized at the front desk. But he didn’t say a word. I was getting really pissed.

I went down again. it tooked me another 10 min because the lift were so old and it stop at all floors. Then I confronted him why he didn’t tell me about the stairs or maybe even offered some help. I also told him that it was my right from the beginning on to get my double room w a double bed without any discussion and also deserve a van while 27 degrees outside!!

The most shocking part were his next reaction: he said. he recognized me from another stay and if I don’t come down immediately he will call the police! he said I could have one of the two unused fans and he will make sure that I get “Hausverbot” !! I was shocked about this sick, narcissistic behavior. I got back to my floor without any help with my heavy suitcase. My back hurt very bad after I somehow had to deal with it myself. I opened the room and couldn’t believe how disgusting it was!
home dusk 3 cm from the carpet! I made pictures. Not even a single small table to work on, like it showed at the pictures. The smallest ‘double bed’ I ever seen in my life..!

I can just warn everyone to enter this sick, dirty place. it not worth any penny!!

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